Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah, Summer! Part Five: Swimming

I still have one more day of summer (even though the equinox was yesterday) and, darnit!, I'm going to cling to it until I roll into the orientation for Community Health tomorrow morning. But, well, hm, arg: I'm faking it. The TB test, the wait at the DMV (without an appointment, too: we live on the edge in this hazy house of summertime bliss) for my driving record, the emails from instructors about dress codes (gawd, not this again: no sandals, no tight clothes, no short skirts: summer's over FOR YOU and don't forget your name tag, you're in the army - oh, uh, nursing school -now!), the sudden need to pay attention to Nursing School U's logic-less beaurocratic, mistake-ridden and often contradictory mulit-media communiques. And that dread-inducing need to make several, undoubtedly pointless, clarifying phone calls to poorly paid, grouchy Nursing School U phone answerers. And the phone ringing = fellow the-sun-was-in-my-eyes nursing students: What are *you* wearing? Do you think the orientation will take the whole day? This textbook is only this much money here and that much there but rumor has it we don't need it anyways do we and are we almost done already? It's all too much. Summer is over. Over. But, hey, check out the cool swimming hole.