Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My application for the NCLEX (inclusive of all the checklist stuff: passport photo -drat, why did I wear the orange scarf that was my first and only knitting project?- check, photocopy of the form stating that I had the fingerprinting done - have you done that yet? The guy smashed and rolled all ten of my fingers on a scanner -, and the application itself) has been sitting next to the computer for days. I plan to send it certified mail and - did I mention I have a terrible cold? - I haven't picked up enough speed to get to the post office. I've been studying, though. I'm on page 85 of the gigantico study book. One of the first chapters is about leadership. "What type of leadership does this represent? A) autocratic B) automatic C) laundromatic D) dichromatic" Uh, you mean I really have to know that? Were you paying attention in that class? Yeah, no, me neither.

But then if you skip ahead to the fun stuff, let's say electrolytes and fluid balance (whee!) then you can start to wonder: Do I really need to know the acceptable levels of phosphorous in the human body (3.0 - 4.5 mg/dl)? And who knew there were so many different types of dehydration? Did I learn that? I was there for all the classes, right? You saw me sitting in front of you taking notes at a million miles per and asking questions to stay awake and engaged. Remember?

But, and, well, I'm not really worried. It'll be fine. They (those people who have taken The Test) say that the best thing an NCLEX- studying person can do is to answer lots of questions. Just practice answering questions. Post any questions you might have and I'll answer them.

Remember oobleck or gak? It's one part water to four parts cornstarch and if you're a REALLY cool mom (not like grumpy old me) you'll add a few drops of food coloring. That's some oobleck up there. Fun stuff. I recommend it.


Kitt said...

Good luck!

Oobleck? Gak? Never seen it! Will it be on the test?

Molly said...

I hope so!(See, already one question closer to doing well! Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly! when do you take the test?
My school year is already wizzing along - I can't believe I am almost done with one semester. I love it but I am *much* busier than I thought I would be. :)

Molly said...

I take it in March or April. It's good to hear you're enjoying it!