Friday, September 29, 2006

First Day of School

Yesterday was my first day of Nursing School. I shuffled from a PE class (oh, sorry Nursing School calls it "kinesiology" class), to Nutrition (Apparently you *are* what you eat), to Pathophysiology (that's diseases to you and me) to, uh, some other class. I was so tired at that point I can only call it The Class In The Room With No Windows Whose Climate Control Is Operated By Someone With An Undermedicated Thyroid Disorder. But I was given a crisp twenty dollar bill almost as soon as I sat down ("sign here," they said)+, so how bad can the class be...? Did I mention the climate control? Yes? Bad.

So I heard that there are many people in midlife making career changes to nursing. So, where are they? Not at Nursing School U where I am going. Nope. There are maybe 5 people out of 65 over the age of 30, I'd say.

Apples. Do you know what that means? No more peaches. And pretty soon tomatoes will be gone, too. I'm sorry. Apples don't stand in for peaches and tomatoes for wonderful. The apple tree in my folks' backyard fell down. It was host to many delicious apple pie apples. No. It was a golden delicious tree. Who knew that golden delicious apples make the Best Apple Pie in The World. Yep. Mom's apple pie.

+ so, the school decided to pay for my malpractice insurance and, apparently, the twenty clam was money I'd given them at Nursing School orientation


asleepathewheal said...
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asleepathewheal said...

Ok, the Hamilton was a refund. I can't believe that at my school, insurance is optional. It shouldn't be.