Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Asepsis!: A Review

Movie Review: Aspepsis! +

One of my textbooks (aside: I spent more on textbooks this quarter than on tuition! Don't try this at home, kids!) is actually a set of DVDs about nursing skills. My favorite so far is the one entitled Asepsis!+

The scenario is that three nursing students are learning how to keep things clean. We learn how to remove soiled gloves, how to keep a sterile field (DO NOT let your hands drop below waist level!) and Proper Handwashing Technique. I give the "film" three stars (out of a possible five). The action never ceases, the actors are perky and semi-believable (though the actors playing patients are a little too bit tidy and overly-friendly to be real patients) and the cast is diverse to a fault. There's the funny Asian American Guy Nursing Student! There's the amicable African American Gal Nursing Student! There's the patient Older White Gal Nursing Student (hey, I thought, that could be me...if I was tall and thin and had an assymetrical bob-do)! The conflict in the film comes about when a slovenly nurse is leaving the room of a patient who has an antibiotic resitant infection and she's NOT WEARING PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (which is up to and including a full on plastic mask) when confronted by the Amicable African American Nursing Student she (just about ) pops her gum and (actually) says, "What..ever." Next we find Amicable talking to her nursing instructor about it. I don't want to spoil the ending for you. Suffice it to say, you'll have to see it in the theater.

Next: I review the American Psychological Association's writing format.

+ The exclamation point was added by me, Student Nurse, for extra drama

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