Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I don't go back to classes until Monday. We start our real clinicals this quarter which I think will be the toughest part of the quarter. How hard can pharmacology be? And this quarter's theory class seems to have somewhat of a focus: "Care Of Adults". Heck, *I'm* an adult (we're all adults here, right? Or that's what they say, anyways) so it's not like trying to understand Shakespeare or the Kreb's cycle right? And then there's a skills class and some random class "Human Development" that means nothing to me currently.

So, this is a useful website: All Nurses. My nursing student friend, Tom, pointed it out to me. The student forums are useful. And there's a couple of nursing student/ new nurses blogs I've been checking out. There's a whole mess of blogs listed if you click on the nurse+blogs button somewhere on this page. Two I've been reading regularly are Confessions of a Student Nurse (though she's a new ER nurse at a children's hospital) and Student Nurse Jack because she's an older mom going back to school like me. Do you have any favorites?

There are some lovely food blogs out there, too. This one has some interesting cupcakes (maybe a little too interesting, but they're lovely narytheless). And this one always has lovely pictures even though recipes aren't really posted (it's kind of an evil "buy the book" thing: you get links to the cookbooks the recipes came from). OK, I spend *way* too much time reading food blogs. This one is also lovely.

And, finally, lichen...I could look at lichen forever. It's a fungus. It's an algae. It's both working together. And the fun never ends. Check out the Lichen Portrait Gallery and see for yourself. The picture above was taken while hiking on Mt Diablo.

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