Friday, March 21, 2008

All The Dummies Are Tamika

It was Tamika's 28th birthday recently so we combined her birthday w/ the end of the quarter and had a little party. Tamika is the mannequins in our skills lab. She's not just the one shown here, she's ALL of the mannequins (a class favorite is the clean cut fellow w/ the removable vagina). They all have the same name and birthday on their hospital id's. All of the doctors' orders are for Tamika. We've inserted Foley catheters on Tamika, changed her chest tube drainage unit (The Pleurovac which - hello - should be spelled Pleur-O-Vac in a gold fifties-style font), put in an NG (nasogastric) tube, cleaned her trach. We've also made fun of Tamika's hair, been a little too rough w/ her, talked about Tamika right in front of her (or him, Tamikas are both genders and sometimes at the same time), so it was time to throw the gal/fella a party.

Ah. Is it time for my nap? I need some bonbons and fiction STAT!

Oh, wait, I have to clean the house and run some errands. Somehow I don't get spring break from my, um, real life.


Kitt said...

Happy birthday to all the Tamikas! That's a hoot.

Katherine said...

Oh my god that was too funny. I love the gold 50s font. :)